Revmeta Architecture

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are an important part of Revmeta. User creative skills and imagination are presented through a series of authentic collectable digital assets that can be minted and auctioned. NFT allows users of Revmeta to explore aesthetic creations in 3D visual form.


Avatars are virtual characters in the Revmeta Metaverse. Users can customize their avatars to represent themselves in real life. Each avatar in Revmeta Metaverse is characterized by its distinctiveness and uniqueness, indivisibility, and irreplaceability.


Cubes are blockchain-backed virtual tokens representing physical parcels of the Revmeta Metaverse. Cubes are virtual lots in the Revmeta Metaverse owned by users to create and monetize. Revmeta Metaverse sits on a map of 30.000 Cubes (200 x 200). User can customize their owned Cubes to another form and monetize them by taking advantage of the SDK that Revmeta provides.

Revmeta Digital Currency

Revmeta uses the Revmeta token (RVMT) to reward creators and engage participants who add value to the ecosystem. Revmeta token (RVMT) is an actual crypto-asset - meaning that creator and engage participants can transfer it into their cryptocurrency wallets.

Transaction Fees

Revmeta token (RVMT) is used to pay transaction fees on Revmeta Metaverse and the marketplace. Users spend (RVMT) to play, buy equipment and customize their avatar.


Revmeta token (RVMT) is used to reward creators and engage participants who add value to the ecosystem and can potentially collect (RVMT) through participation ( Play To Earn ).

Staking and Farming

Revmeta token (RVMT) will also act as a reward to maintain the uptime and integrity of the system. By allowing (RVMT) staking, users are allowed for passive revenues much like earning interest on their savings account.